• Reading environmental parameters in the facility

  • Reading and comparing the breeding parameters

  • Live feed from facilities including livestock via CCTV cameras

  • Control of utilities consumption

AGRO24 allows you to integrate solutions applied in any breeding facility.

It combines the devices installed into one network (regardless of their type, generation or manufacturer).

It allows the breeder to manage installations and systems as a comprehensive infrastructure.

Easy interface

Quick logging in on cable and mobile devices.

We will adapt Agro24 to your individual requirements or breeding specifics.

The system can be implemented in any facility, regardless of its automation level.


All facilities in one system

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Whether you have 1 or 50 livestock facilities, AGRO24 will show all of them in one system.

You can view the whole farm or analyze the condition of installations and devices in a given building.

Individual elements of the infrastructure are visualized in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Real-time monitoring of facilities

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In case of irregularities or defects in a facility, AGRO24 will show you the type and place of their occurrence.

This way, you can intervene immediately, without the risk of damage or loss of your livestock.

Automatic archiving of events and parameters

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All failures and defects in livestock facilities, as well as information entered into the system by users, are recorded and archived automatically.

Furthermore, AGRO24 allows you to aggregate and analyze data concerning the use of facilities, as well as breeding and environmental parameters.

All information is collected in one place, so you can manage breeding more efficiently.

All information is collected in one place, so you can manage breeding more efficiently. Reports adapted to your needs

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AGRO24 delivers detailed reports on, among others, the efficiency of the breeding process, system and device failures, operating costs and costs of maintenance services.

Reporting functions are subject to configuration, so you can receive a set of any data recorded in the system.

This allows you to draw conclusions in order to manage your farm more efficiently, saving time and money.


Time savings and management optimization

Automatic settlements and document circulation

Lower maintenance costs

Minimum risk due to human factor

Efficient data collection and analysis

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